Love Story 2050: Papa Kehte Hain…

By Editorial Team • Published on July 4, 2008

Amit Om Sharma reviews the Bollywood love story set in future Love Story 2050

Love Story 2050 (2008)What happens when dear papa happens to be the producer-director and story writer of the movie? The family makes sure that the entire talent of “BABA” comes out before the world.

Harry Baweja did wonders to prove what his son Harman can do with himself. Lets look at it bit by bit.

Direction : Harry Uncle seems to be very sure about himself. He has left no stone unturned or in other words he has left no avenue where he could not have spent the money. The locations, visual effects picturisation, film development, editing. But sometimes too much of “perfection” makes one ignore small details. In a scene when Harman Putter sees Priyanka for the first time, she has a piece of cloth lying on the bench of the park When she is leaving she is not shown picking it up but it disappears when Harman Putter reaches that bench. The Director as a good father knows all the specialties of the Putter, hence he explores all of them in the movie. It is surprising that the world is blaming Aamir for trying to jeopardize the movie by comparing Harman with Hritik. Trust me, this seems to be the an important aspect of the movie because the director has made that quiet apparent. The way Harman dresses, his body language, his gestures, expressions all suggest that he is the long lost brother of Hritik. Someone will have to find out who went to Kumbh ka Mela and lost a child, was it the Roshan family or The Bawejas.

Acting : Had the director been kind enough not to make it appear that Harman shares the looks-n-features of Hritik, perhaps the movie lovers would have really appreciated the efforts made by the young actor in his debut role. He certainly knows how to act (considering the fact that he has to act as Hritik and also play a character ). If only he would wear more clothes and not show his body. Why does he have to wear wrist bands, elbow bands etc. all the time!!! Reminds me of the Uday Chopra of “Mohabbatein” fame. Priyanka Chopra looked quite old for Harman and certainly gave an impression of a lady being chased by a youngster. Boman does not have to do much in the movie, though he is the person responsible for 2050.

Story : Very simple, but a roller coaster ride. Initially everything looks so well, then sudden a twist. Won’t like to disclose much but yes it is only after 45 minutes one realizes why it is Love Story 2050. Though I would suggest Harry uncle a more appropriate title “Love Story & 2050″. Let me tell you what it comprises of: little bit of Karan’s Kitchen, Back to future, Termiator, Star Trek and plenty of video games.

Music : Anu Mallik must have done pretty good work because it is very difficult to make out his source(s) of the inspiration but yes, I really do not have adventure left enough in me to listen to it again.

Effects : Of course they were good after all that was the USP of the film. It was all nothing but a play station.

In a nutshell, the movie is just a little over 3 hours long, and it could replace Ramu’s “Sholay” in “Dey Taally”. Keep Guessing.

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10 Responses to “Love Story 2050: Papa Kehte Hain…”

  1. wel 2050 is a nice movie and i hope our future is going 2 be like that we cn hav fly car time machine lmao

    wel i like da songs and the actor i always watch this movie every single day

    i lone it

  2. Neelanjana says:

    Thanks Amit… I was actually planning to catch the film… but after reading ur review, I think I won’t. Maybe I should go for Jaane…?

  3. yasser says:

    i thought a lot…then again…then again…but couldn’t muster up the courage to go n watch this movie ;-) and thank God your review proved I was rightly scared… :-)

  4. aditya says:

    :???: hmmm….
    i was expecting sumthin like this only…
    thnx for the review amit..
    i l surely go4 jaane tu

    if future is like this…den its better to live in the present.. :lol:

  5. KAILASH says:

    I have seen both the movies i.e JANE š ¦& LOVE STORY 2050.jane tu.. is excellent ,i dont want to say abt it but in LOVE STORY 2050, i personally think that script somewhat from KRRISH, scenes are also taken from DHOOM:2 styles, dancing steps etc š ¦ BUT overall good effort by HARMAN. but remember that ORIGINAL IS ORIGINAL.he can š ž t be like HRITHIK..

  6. KAILASH says:

    I have seen both the movies i.e JANE…& LOVE STORY 2050.jane tu.. is excellent ,i dont want to say abt it but in LOVE STORY 2050, i personally think that script somewhat from KRRISH, scenes are also taken from DHOOM:2 styles, dancing steps etc… BUT overall good effort by HARMAN. but remember that ORIGINAL IS ORIGINAL.he can’t be like HRITHIK..

  7. Richa says:

    well, atleast ur review is quite straightforward and generous compared to what all the other critics had been doing from day one-simply swooping down on the team of love story 2050 as if they dared to do something as abominable as hailing Hitler!

    I saw both movies on first day itself, JAANE TU is very good-but the media has simply hyped it up sooooooooo much as if its the beginning and end of cinematic excellence! ITs NOT THAAAAAAT good, infact the first half is great and second half is just okay and climax-BAD!

    But LOVE STORY 2050, quite slow first half and BRILLIANT second half. The relationship between harman nd priyanka is quite tender and innocent, the songs will grow on listening twice nd thrice-melodious and go wid de movie, de cinematography and of course the special effects-OUT OF THIS WORLD! Boman and Archana Puaran Singh-EXCELLENT!

    Don’t know who orchestrated the whole vicious backlash by the media. the movie definitely deserves 3 stars, harman tries hard nd even though he has to go a looooong way in acting department, he and the entire team has put in a lot of efforts to give something different to the audiences, amazing effort ..just de stupid media backlashed in such a way that noone would try nd make anything different now.

  8. Pratik says:

    I went to watch this movie this weekend but after ten minutes couldn’t take it and decided to to just walk out and wanted to enquire about retrieving my money from the ticket office. But then decided not to.

  9. kehte says:

    :twisted: :mrgreen: :oops: :idea:

  10. Sham says:

    Itna ghatiya movie …
    Itna ghatiya story…
    Itna ghatiya direction…

    but i love priyanka. Priyanka ke liye maine movie dekha.

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