Do Knot Disturb: Typical David Dhavan Fare

By Editorial Team • Published on October 6, 2009

There are many things about a David Dhawan film that you can tell without actually watching it. This makes the job of the reviewer a tad easy. He can type out most of the comments in advance and after watching the film, just add the stars and the review is ready for submission. Do Knot Disturb is no exception. It falls within set parameters that have been hallmarks of the David Dhawan repertoire. Let s count them as we go along. The film shall feature Govinda. Just as Robert De Niro has become synonymous with Martin Scorsese, it is difficult to imagine a David Dhawan film without Govinda or a Govinda film not directed by Dhawan. The vagaries of age are catching up with him, yet he continues to bounce around as if he has just stepped out of the cradle. Swift on foot and matchless in comic timing, you never get tired of watching him. Sometimes he improvises so much that the dubbing and lip movements go out of sync but it s this manic energy that sees him through badly written scenes, unscathed. The film shall have a preposterous premise. The zanier, the better. DKD owes it s to a French film La Doublure (The Valet). A CEO of a Company owned by his overbearing wife finds release in an affair with an upcoming actress/model. But when his wife gets a whiff of things, he brings in a waiter to pose as the girlfriend s boyfriend to save himself. Each stage of this caper provides an opportunity to Dhawan to stuff in as many gags as he possibly can. Even if they come at the cost of stopping the story in its tracks. The characters shall be uni-dimensional. One ought not to expect the actors to do anything more than what they are purported to. At best, they shall be given a gesture or an expression or a quirk which they will repeat till it ceases to be funny and then repeat it some more till it finally gets onto your nerves. The good actors will realize this and add their own two bits to the role. Everyone else will stand out as bad actors. The film shall be inconsistent. There shall be moments in the film when you will be rolling on the floor laughing. And there will be some other moments when you will pull yourself together and systematically start pulling out the foam from your seat. To use a clich, seldom will you find a director so consistently inconsistent. He goes from scenes that may be remembered as comedy classics to scenes that jangle the senses and back again. While faithfully following this routine, it s good to see Dhawan eke out a good performance from Ritesh Deshmukh. In the years to come, when Govinda may not be able to play the lead, Deshmukh will make a decent replacement. As will Rajpal Yadav as a replacement for Kader Khan Shakti Kapoor. Lara Dutta is otherwise a good actress but a loud role is not her calling. With Sushmita Sen and her soporific voice, it s hard to tell whether she is fully awake or not. It s not just the film but its music too that is inconsistent. Actually it s more in than consistent. Nadeem-Shravan whom we don t hear very often these days are clearly more comfortable with soggy romances than zippy comedies. If you must watch DKD, it s not because you don t have any expectations from it but because you do have some definite views about what kind of a film it s going to be. My guess is that your guess is spot on.

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One Response to “Do Knot Disturb: Typical David Dhavan Fare”

  1. pratik says:

    This is a good review Devang.

    It would be hard to imagine a David Dhawan film without Govinda but as you have correctly mentioned that Riteish Deshmukh is there when Govinda may not be able to play a lead role and as is Rajpal Yadav for the likes of Shakti Kapoor. I don’t think that Sushmita Sen made much impact as Lara Dutta did, though her role was loud but she was good.

    There were some hillarious scenes as well with Govinda and Ritesh Deshmukh and I think that, if there was to be another comedy by David Dhawan and Govinda, we may see Ritesh Deshmukh in it as well.

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