Deshdrohi: Much Ado About Nothing

By Editorial Team • Published on November 15, 2008

I actually felt bad for the officials of the Mumbai Police who had to suffer this torture before I did. I think more than the objectionable scenes it was due to the headache that this film gave them that they decided to ban it.

Deshdrohi (2008)Before I start reviewing Deshdrohi, I would like to go into a brief flashback as to why I actually went to watch the film.

The promos of a haggard looking movie called Deshdrohi were troubling all of us since last few months. Right from the first look of those promos, Deshdrohi from every angle looked like terrible C-grade stuff in which nobody seemed interested. But at the same time, the Marathi Vs Non-Marathi issue in Mumbai gained momentum and it acted as the right gasoline for this film starring an actor called KRK (NO he is NOT related to SRK, the King Khan). The promos of Deshdrohi were intelligently aimed at the same issue and somehow this disaster called Deshdrohi became important. Censor Board passed it with few cuts but it was first previewed by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and finally by some officials of Mumbai Police. Mumbai Police submitted a report to Maharashtra Government on the basis of which Deshdrohi’s release was halted for 2 months in Maharashtra. This whole scenario added to the curiosity as to what Deshdrohi is all about.

So now when I’ve actually watched this film, my first emotions were that of empathy. I actually felt bad for the officials of the Mumbai Police who had to suffer this torture before I did. I think more than the objectionable scenes it was due to the headache that this film gave them that they š decided to ban it.

This film doesn’t deserve a review.

We will not discuss the story. It’s a horrible story told in a horrendous manner enacted by some of the actors who should be banned from acting not just for TWO months but for the rest of their lives.

The hero of Deshdrohi is KRK that stands for a small time actor called Kamal Rashid Khan. Since KRK is also the producer, so he decided to cast HIMSELF as the lead actor. I think by now all of have seen the promos of Deshdrohi so we know whom we are discussing. I can say that infront of KRK, apna Himesh Bhai looks like Al Pacino.

The promos were suggesting that the film is based on the issue of Marathi Vs Non-Marathi but let me tell you that they were absolutely misleading. The film has nothing to do with the issue. It’s a noxious cocktail of some of the worst scenes of some of the most awful movies of the eighties.

Just one advice…even if you have nothin to do this weekend, please do not go near the theatre playing this movie. Just Stay Away.

And I repeat- This film doesn’t deserve a review.


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20 Responses to “Deshdrohi: Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Sandy says:

    The new Hero arrived on Horizon. of the Indian Cinema…………….!!!…………………the one for whome you all were eagerly awaiting for……………..!!!!!

    girls will faint……………..surely…………!!!!

    His dialogue delivery has been immaculate and heart-throbbing.

    Introducing KRK…..the new replacement for SRK…!!!!

    I would certainly watch this movie. Forget about the issue.. its hilarious…

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  2. cloudend says:

    Mr. Aniruddha Basu says that “Kamal Khan looks like a combination of an auto driver and a retard”.
    This is a very offending comment on Auto drivers and so called retards (mentally challenged). He might himself look like KRK ;)

    [Some parts of this comment was deleted for violation of DearCinema Comment’s Policy]

  3. KRK says:

    This is KRK myself. I just happened to visit this website. Thanks to all who gave all nice comments on my luks and acting. I don’t think I’ve acted that bad. The movie is doing gud business all over. I am satisfied with my work and will come up with more movies. whether u like it or not, but u’ll soon see promos of my next movie

  4. sallu says:

    :lol: kabhi up bihar aake dekhna, humare dil me tere movie ke liye kitni nafrat hai….

  5. sallu says:

    gracy singh ke itne bure din aagaye hain :oops:

  6. B says:

    The movie Deshdrohi sounds so interesting ;)
    Now I will have to go and watch it for sure. Actually such movies are hidden gems of Indian cinema-sometime in teh future ppl will be watching these movies to cure themselves of insomnia and to possibly die lafing..

    very good post..Still ROfWL

  7. himanshu says:

    Wow!!! What a post.I really like the line “infront of KRK, apna Himesh Bhai looks like Al Pacino.”
    We, Indians have obsession in bringing something out of nothing.This is one of the film which of our society wants escapist cinema with social message.’Gunda’ and ‘Ghajini’ become cult films and no one wants to talk about ‘Mrigya’ amd ‘Memento’.Every good work either of india or abroad just sublime its universal touch in Indian market.Going through archives of the this cinema portal will be so much fun,I would have never expected in my wildest dream.This post is going to receive 16 th comment while Ray’s ‘Pather Panchali’ still stucked on 2 comments on this prestogious form.I will prefer my all time favourite ‘Nirhua Rickashawala’ over ‘Deshdrohi’.For reader’s notice,I have watched NR without any external pressure or recommendation.

  8. Shrey says:

    A masterpiece which every cinema lover must watch, and own!

    I watched it in FF mode, and intend to watch it again. It’d make for a great thesis on “how to not make a film”.

    Absolutely brilliant! Can’t wait for DeshDrohi 2… :D :D :D

  9. Amazing movie keep it up KRK you will replace SRK.

  10. Kalivaradhan says:

    Going thru the Review & comments I can confidently say that my curiosity to see the film has increased manifold. There are always many sides, not just two- good or bad, to a story. Any story with a social message is not appropriately appreciated by the so called connoisseurs who look at everything except the message to the masses. It also depends on how they interpret the message. They cannot appropriate the right to interpret according to their whims and fancies. Many box office hits thrive on the low tastes of society and are not necessarily indicators of a good film.

  11. Payal says:

    :grin: a very very well written piece yasser…I was appalled at the frequency of the promos this film had aired for the past months!! i think the movie lived every bit upto its expectations..

  12. Bikas Mishra says:

    After reading your review, I really feel grateful to Mumbai Police. Otherwise, I would have definitely fallen prey to its insanely hilarious promos.

    A great read!

    You write all the better when you suffer watching a film. :smile:


  13. yasser says:

    Thanks Payal and Bikas…I’m still under shock that Deshdrohi gave me :shock:

  14. Smriti says:

    Hahaha :lol: Yasser, so sorry for you my friend. But hey, you deserve a pat too. You watched this film for our community and saved us the horror. Kudos :lol:

  15. Aniruddha Basu says:

    Pls accept my sympathies too Yaseer..Kamal Khan looks like a combination of an auto driver and a retard, and since he himself is the producer, its not hard to imagine what the end result will be. And yes, we’ll take Himesh Reshamiya anyday over this clown!

  16. Munna says:

    I liked the movie very much. C grade or B grade does not matter. Why ban the movie? As it has been banned so it has extra value attached to this. You just don’t ban C grade movie unless it has something. I liked it for the value which forced the vested interest to ban it!!!!!!! Keep it up Kamal Khan. You have proved it that Hindi movie can become a hit even without releasing it in Bollywood itself.

  17. raju khan says:

    Where did u see this film usman??? pls let me know..

  18. karan shah says:

    hilarious review my friend. although i appreciate one thing about the KRK, he’s got some balls of iron. bloody he had the guts to make a movie costing 2crores and spend another 1.5crored on marketing it. now thats sumthing. and he happens to be the: writer/ screenplay/ producer/ actor.
    but what pathetic promos. this loser cant act for nuts. even the songs were hilarious with his wannabe moves.

  19. akshay says:

    hey c’mon man, it was a good movie, its in the league of mithun da’s gunda…
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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