Doordarshan invites proposals for telecast of festival and national award winning films

By NewsDesk • Published on June 6, 2013

doordarshanDoordarshan is inviting applications from producers whose films have won national awards, been shown in Indian Panorama, or traveled to key international film festivals to be telecast under “Best of Indian Cinema” series.

DearCinema.com had reported earlier that Doordarshan will offer a fixed royalty of ?25 Lakh for television premieres and ?15 Lakh for regular telecasts.

Films made after 2000 which meet one of the following criteria are eligible to apply:-

1. Films which have won Swarna Kamal National Award conferred for  Best Feature Film for the year.

2. Swarna Kamal National Award conferred for Best Direction.

3. National Award conferred for Best Feature Film in an Indian Language/Dialect (including Hindi, Urdu, and English).

4. Indira Gandhi Award conferred for the Best First Film of a Director.

5. Films which have been selected for the Indian Panorama section of International Film Festival of India (IFFI).

6. Films which have been invited to any of these festivals: Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, Locarno, London, Karlovy Vary, Nantes(Festival de 3 Continents), Rotterdam, Fribourg, Munich, Busan, Hongkong, Tokyo, Rome &, Sydney.

A proposal received under this scheme shall invariably contain:

a) Offer Form duly filled.

b) Copy of Link Agreement(s), if any, duly notarized in order to establish

the rights (terrestrial & satellite) of the Film.

c) Notarized copy of Censor Certificate(s).

d) Synopsis/Booklet along with English/Hindi translation.

e) DVD of the Film.

f) Indemnity Bond on a stamp paper of Rs.100/- duly notarized.

g) Declaration on a stamp paper of Rs 100/- duly notarized.

h) Affidavit on a stamp paper of Rs 100/- duly notarized.

i) Publicity Materials i.e. Stills etc.

j) Copy of Award Certificate(s)/Participation Certificate duly notarized.

k) Copy of Pan Card.


Application Fee: The Proposal shall be accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee

of Rs.10,000/- by Bank Draft payable in favour of “PBBCI” Directorate

General, Doordarshan at New Delhi”.


Selection: The proposals received and found complete will be processed in three stages:

 (a) Selection Committee: This Committee under chairmanship of DG, Doordarshan comprising of eminent film makers will select the films.

(b) Preview: The films selected by the Selection Committee shall be put up to the Preview Committee of concerned Regional Kendra for preview of the film. The main aim of the Committee is just to check the language etc. for Doordarshan viewing and suggest the deletion if any. Preview Committee cannot reject any awarded film selected for telecast by Selection Committee.

(c) Technical Preview: The Committee which will work under the control of Engineering Head of Doordarshan Kendra, New Delhi will preview the technical quality of the telecast tapes with English or Hindi subtitle supplied by the Applicant and ensure good quality of print for telecast. Concerned Regional Kendras will technically preview the telecast tape of the film in original version.

Download the application form for “Best of Indian cinema” here:

You can find the complete guidelines here:-

Best of Indian Cinema Guidelines

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6 Responses to “Doordarshan invites proposals for telecast of festival and national award winning films”

  1. Supriyo Sen says:

    They have excluded documentaries… its discriminatory and illegitimate! There ignorance and authoritarianism should be fought in court… Who are willing?

  2. Bikas Mishra says:

    I think, documentary filmmakers should first collectively submit a petition to Doordarshan. Even this had not been possible had Onir Anticlockfilms and many other filmmakers not started Save Indie Cinema campaign.

  3. Bilal A Jan says:

    Can you tell me the logic behind of the selection of film particular festivals, I don't understand this kind kind of selection? And if a film won an Oscar , it won't be shown, pluse, Sundance, Hot Docs, MIFF (india), BAFFTA, are not included , why? every one knows about iranian cinema how rich is this kind of cinema, and there is FAJAR international film festival, it is also not in the list? Biased selection IS'NT?

  4. Bijaya Jena says:

    The govt officials dont know a thing.

  5. Nothing is perfect in this world. We must appreciate at least doordarshan started something .offcourse the credit goes to Onir (and his team including Sanjay suri etc) for their consistent efforts in convincing mannish tiwari. Lets celebrate the start ,improvement will follow,,,:)

  6. Can we apply short film which won Swarna Kamal National Award & Indian Panorama?

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