Bernardo Bertolucci to head Venice Jury

By NewsDesk • Published on May 9, 2013

BertolucciBernardo Bertolucci will preside over the International Jury for the Competition of the 70th Venice International Film Festival (28 August – 7 September 2013), which will award the Golden Lion and other official prizes.

“Very few directors can claim a lifetime experience so passionately committed to contemporary cinema like Bertolucci’s. His work has explored with insatiable curiosity the world around us and the ever evolving language of film, discovering and bringing to our attention what’s most vital and beautiful. Such commitment to “the present” is one of the finest services that cinema can render to itself and is one of the many reasons why Bertolucci is the ideal Jury President” stated the Director of the Venice Film Festival Alberto Barbera.

“I cheerfully accept to chair the jury of the 70th Venice International Film Festival,” stated Bernardo Bertolucci . “This is my second time. In 1983 the Venice Film Festival was celebrating its 40th edition. My jury, composed almost entirely of directors, could not help but award the Golden Lion to Jean-Luc Godard, to whom we all owed so much and who had never won an important prize in his life. At the time what I wanted from films was surprise and enjoyment. I haven’t changed much since then”.

Bernardo Bertolucci can be considered the most famous working Italian director in the world.

He made his debut as a director in Venice with The Grim Reaper (La commare secca, 1962). Subsequently, his other important works had their world premiere screenings at the Lido: Partner (1968), The Spider’s Stratagem (Strategia del ragno, 1970), Luna (La luna, 1979) and The Dreamers (2003).

Bertolucci’s Last Emperor (L’ultimo imperatore, 1987) won 9 Oscars, and became the first and only Italian film to win the Oscar for Best Director.

His most recent film Me and You(Io e te, 2012) won high acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, which in 2011 awarded Bertolucci the Honorary Palme d’Or for lifetime achievement.

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