Will see all films with same attention and same respect: Nanni Moretti, Jury President, 65th Cannes Film Festival

By Cineuropa • Published on May 17, 2012

Nanni Moretti

On May 16 at the Cannes Film Festival, Jury president Nanni Moretti answered questions, accompanied by the eight members of his jury: Andrea Arnold, Emmanuelle Devos, Diane Kruger, Hiam Abbass, Ewan McGregor, Alexander Payne, Raoul Peck, and Jean-Paul Gautier.

How will you fulfill your role as president of the jury?
Nanni Moretti: In a very democratic way. I am one of nine, and only a sort of head of the class. What is important is to see all the films with the same attention and same respect. And to meet often so as not to forget films that we might have seen too many days before. We will meet every other day to talk about four films we have seen. But I don’t understand the jury press conference after the winners are announced, which didn’t exist a few years ago. Jurors were then supposed to maintain total discretion. There, we will say things that are diplomatic, trivial… or maybe not.

What is your first impression of your jury?
What I like is that they are very open people. It’s a very good starting point. Nobody has come with any preconceptions. Now we will see 22 films and our different sensitivities will confront each other.

You have said that you hoped not to have an impression of déjà-vu when discovering the films. 
These are only words. Everybody likes to be surprised. And sometimes you see films that you feel you have seen hundreds of times.

Ewan McGregor: I’m very comfortable with the idea of judging and I don’t have the impression of holding any power that would allow me to get my own back on one person or another. It’s a celebration of cinema. What will, no doubt, be delicate as an actor will be to decide who deserves the acting awards, more than saying what is the best film. It’s an amazing platform to show off films, shine the spotlight on them, and unveil new talent that wouldn’t otherwise get noticed.

Diane Kruger: This is like brilliant holidays. I want to be surprised. What is interesting in this jury is that it is made up of different personalities and very different characters.

Andrea Arnold: I would absolutely hate it if my film was selected because I am a woman, out of charity. There are just not many women film directors. I think that’s a pity.

(Fabien Lemercier for Cineuropa.org)

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