NFDC Screenwriters’ Lab 2012: Kanu Behl’s “Titli”

By Nandita Dutta • Published on September 2, 2012

Kanu Behl

[D]earCinema profiles the screenwriters who are participating in the NFDC Screenwriters’ Lab from September 1-3 at the ongoing Venice Film Festival.

Screenwriters’ Lab, a 2-part workshop conducted by the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) is designed to prepare screenwriters with original Indian stories for working with the international filmmaking community. The participants will be mentored by Marten Rabarts, Olivia Stewart, Urmi Juvekar and Bianca Taal.

Kanu Behl answers five questions about his project “Titli”:

Tell us more about your project.

‘Titli’ tells the story of a boy itching to run away from home to escape an oppressive brother, forcing him into a life of crime. And how he himself starts turning into the person he hates most as he obsesses over fulfilling his dreams.

At what stage of development is it?

The film is in the final stage of script development.

Is a director/producer attached with the project?

I intend to direct the film myself. The producer attached with the project is Dibakar Banerjee Productions Pvt. Ltd.

What are your expectations from Screenwriters’ Lab?

The idea of participating in the lab is to be able to travel that extra mile with the screenplay, for it to flower into a comprehensive, coherent piece that transcends beyond just the drama – into ‘dramatic’ territory. Also, the subsequent entry into the co-production market can help bring in international producers and widen the reach of the film.

Tell us about your background.

I graduated from the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) in 2007. I produced and directed ‘Mila Kya?’ (2007), a 58 minute documentary for NHK, Japan and ‘Three Blind Men’ (2009), a 7 minute short for STEPS International. My first documentary ‘An Actor Prepares’ featured in competition at Cinema du Reel ’07.

I was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2007.

Then I worked as an Assistant Director on ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’ (2008).

I co-wrote ‘Love Sex aur Dhokha’ (2010) with Dibakar Banerjee. I was also the Chief Assistant Director on the film.


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