Dev Anand Remembers Guru Dutt

By Editorial Team • Published on June 11, 2007

Laalit Lobo recently interviewed Dev Anand (does he need any introduction!) for a television show. They discussed in detail the golden era of Bollywood, particularly the people who made it the golden era. We’ll post the entire interview in parts at DearCinema. Here’s first of the series, where Devanand remembers Guru Dutt.

Devanand Remembers Guru Dutt

He was a young man he should not have made depressing pictures…

Our friendship dates back to the Prabhat era..he was assistant director to a very famous director. I had just started as a leading man. I think if I can call anybody in the movie industry as my greatest pal it was Guru Dutt. And we struck a great friendship jaise langotiya yaar kehte hain hum jaise dost the. And we struck a deal over a glass of beer and then he said Dev..if I ever become a director you are my star and I said if I ever form a company and I invite a directory to direct a film you’re going to be THE one.

So I brought him in for Baazi so that type of friendship. Then he made CID, he invited me to do a picture. Then he made Jaal and then he branched off on his own.. made his own pictures starred himself. we branched off. I brought in my Vijay Anand for Nau Do Gyarah..

I was on the sets of Teen Deviyan and I was ghost directing for Amarjeet a friend of ours and I got a news that Guru Dutt is dead. I packed up.. I went straight to his house and I was the first man to see him lying on his bed. There wasn’t anybody in the room. I was the first man to enter the apartment and be near his body. and I saw him and his face was blue slightly. There was a glass of…. there was a blue liquid in a glass next to him and I think. I do not know what happened‘¦.it was a very sudden death. and I had met him 5-6 days earlier when he had invited me -come over let’s do a picture together but at that moment a I also realized when I saw that he was looking very frail very feeble…yellow on the face, he had lost his hair. This was not the same Guru Dutt because he had made some very beautiful films…the film that he made Kaagaz Ke Phool was a very brilliant film but it didn’t do well..and he could not take it after that he never directed a picture. so that was the start of his physical downfall. Even his creative downfall. Sad..

I think he was very melancholic. He was a young man he should not have made depressing pictures…Guru Dutt always made depressing pictures. I don’t know why because he was a brilliant man. He was a good thinker. He had that dogged perseverance to go on and on but he used to shoot a lot but when he found success he was wonderful, on top of the world and the moment failure hit him hard he could not take it. he was melancholic by temperament which is sad. He was a withdrawn man. He never came in the forefront but a good person. We were the same age..

(End of part I…)

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6 Responses to “Dev Anand Remembers Guru Dutt”

  1. vijay says:

    What any once can say about a
    legendary Actor,Director,Creative man all rolled in one called the great Gurudutt sab.
    Even after his demise more than forty years his movies are watched and loved.

    I literally weeped when I say Pyasa&Kagaz Ki phool very moving and heart wrenching.
    Can any one forget Jonny Walker’s brilliant performances in all his movies.

    I salute Guru Dutt sab.


    If one sees some other phrases, one can find that before dyinh Guru Dutt had given numerous calls to Geeta Dutt, Dev Anand, Waheeda Rehman and also to the Showman Legend Raj Kapoor Sahab. But one will come to know shockingly that none of these cream of Bollywood even bothered to check that person and his condition, for which he was craving that night to stay with a close one. This was, and this is Bollywood. Same style end embraced the living beauty of her days ‘Parveen Bobby’. This is charcteristic of this industry or say this business that every one just salutes only the ‘rising sun’, and not the ‘extinguished Suns’. This chracter inherited into the Bollywood perhaps since its eneption. If this could have not been to Guru Dutt Sahab, we would have been able to see some more ultimate master pieces like ‘Pyasa’ , ‘Sahab Bibi aur Gulam’, ‘Kagaz ke Phool’, ‘Chaudvi ka Chand’ and many more like ‘Aar Paar’ and perhaps Indian Film Industry could have been at the heights much much earlier, where it is now.

  3. Ravi, ICICI Bank says:

    This passage should be shown to even now living Waheeda Rehman ji. Perhaps now, she can tell everything more clearly.

  4. Pankaj says:

    On one hand Mr. Dev Anand calls Guru Dutt a very close friend, a very brilliant thinker and then on the other hand he has no clue of what this friend is going through while his creativity fails at the box office. Nice friendship – that too in the days of 50s and 60s when there was plenty of time on people’s hands. Agreed that Mr. Anand was very busy making his own films but after all friendship is friendship. Sad. Very sad!!!

  5. Alok kumar says:

    Its so sad to such a show at show business. :!: :sad:

  6. amit vyas says:

    great !!
    i can say only one thing that dev anand sir
    is my role model whome i wanna direct and guru dutt ji and shyam benegel ji sir sir are my directional idol and i just wanna said that dev anand is the very lucky one who have a friend like guru dutt and yes dev sahab ne apna promis hamesha pura kiya hai ………………

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