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Shor, Raju shortlisted for Satyajit Ray Foundation’s short film competition 2012

By NewsDesk • Published on June 18, 2012

Neeraj Ghaywan’s Shor—that won the Best Short Film award at Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles and South Asian International Film Festival and Max Zahle’s Raju—nominated for Academy Awards 2012 and shot in India are among the six short listed films for Satyajit Ray Foundation’s short film competition.

The shortlisted films will screen on June 27 at the London Indian Film Festival. The winning film will be announced at the closing night ceremony of the festival on July 3.

The other shortlisted films are Ayesha by Farzana Tipurita (UK), Khaleel Khan Ke Faakhtey by Rizwan Siddiqui (India), Maya by Naina Panemanglor (UK) and Unravel by Meghna Gupta (UK).

Satyajit Ray Foundation’s short film competition is held in association with London Indian Film Festival.

Shortlisted Films with Synopses:


The story of a British Pakistani woman at a crossroads, forced to choose between her family and her own desires.

RAJU – Dir MAX ZARHLE (Germany)

A German couple adopts an Indian orphan in Kolkata. When the child suddenly disappears they realise that they are part of the problem


The old man had claimed the past as his own. The beauty of memories savoured and retold a million times to anyone who cared to listen, was all that mattered. Now, refusing to be deterred from his journey, it was time to confront that past…


In a tiny first class train cabin, self assured Mohan Bhatt encounters his first love, Maya Rao. Maya, now married, is travelling with her husband and son. Pretending to be strangers at first, Mohan and Maya slowly come to terms with a past they thought they had left behind.


Barely surviving in the seedy ghettos of Mumbai, Lallam and Meena find each other while embracing death, divorce, and redemption.


When the Western world no longer wants it clothes, they are sent to a textile recycling factory in the sleepy town of Panipat, Northern India. Bright and inquisitive factory worker Reshma and her co-workers, reflect on these clothes. Despite limited exposure to western culture, they construct a picture of how the West is, using both their imagination and rumours that travel with the cast off garments.

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