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Karlovy Vary: East of the West Works in Progress

By NewsDesk • Published on July 7, 2008

East of the West Works in Progress pitched Producers presented 26 projects at the East of the West Works in Progress panel at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

Press and industry guests listened to pitches and saw footage from projects from 11 Central and Eastern European countries.

Polish producers, empowered by the Polish Film Institute’s annual production budget of 61.8m-72.6m zloty, presented six projects, including Waldemar Kryzstek‘s drama Little Moscow about a Russian military family stationed in Poland during the period leading up to the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Czech producers presented seven films, including the Czech/Slovak/Ukraine co-production English Strawberries, which also portrays the Warsaw Pact invasion through the experience of two young men – one Russian and one Czech – who want to escape to the West. The ¡ 2m film will be released November 13.

Croatian Films sales agent Antonia D. Carnerud presented Arsen Anton Ostojic‘s completed film No One’s Son, about a disillusioned war veteran who lost both legs in the recent Croatian Homeland War who discovers a dark family secret.

New Cinema Distribution’s Natalya Lokunina presented the ¡ 6m Russian drama Ice: The Ugra Khanty Saga, about the uprising of the indigenous Khanty people of western Siberia against the Soviets in the 1930s. Lokunina screened English-dubbed footage featuring epic battle scenes. The film is looking for a world sales agent.

Genta Film introduced Broken Promise, a SKK 50m WWII drama now in post-production. Adapted from a story by Martin Friedmann-Petras, the film stars Ondrej Vetchy as the head of a family of Slovak Jews struggling under Jozef Tiso’s Nazi-puppet regime in Slovakia.

East of the West Works in Progress 2008 (complete list of titles and directors)

0_1_0 (Poland) – Piotr Lazarkiewicz

35 mm (Lithuania) – Saulius Drunga

Alois Nebel (Czech Republic) – Tomas Lunak

English Strawberries (Czech Republic/Slovakia/Ukraine) – Vladimir Drha

Splinters (Poland) – Maciej Pieprzyca

The Hollow (Lithuania) – Gytis Luksas

Guard No. 47 (Czech Republic) – Filip Renc

How To Live? (Poland) – Szymon Jakubowski

Who’s Afraid of the Wolf? (Czech Republic) – Maria Prochazkova

Flowers of Sakura (Slovakia) – Ivan Vojnar

Ice: The Ugra Khanty Saga (Russia) – Oleg Fesenko

The Magic Tree (Poland) – Andrzej Maleszka

Little Moscow (Poland) – Waldemar Krzystek

Broken Promise (Slovakia) – Jiri Chlumsky

No One’s Son (Croatia) – Arsen Anton Ostojic

We’ve Never Been to Venice (Slovenia) – Blaz Kutin

Angels Gone (Czech Republic) – Julius Sevcik

Lizard Tail (Joseph’s Journey) (Czech Republic/Macedonia) – Ivo Trajkov

Penelope (Croatia/Australia) – Ben Ferris

Soul at Peace (Slovakia) – Vladimir Balko

Transition (Slovenia) – Boris Palcic

Sister (Czech Republic) – Vit Pancir

Taarka (Estonia) – Ain Maeots

Here and There (Serbia/USA) – Darko Lungulov

Three Stories About Sleeplessness (Croatia) – Tomislav Radic

Lorts of the Flys (Poland) – Bartosz Kedzierski
www.wlatcy.top.pl(Theodore Schwink for cineuropa)

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