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Green Screen Lab: Diary 3

By Bhaskarjyoti Das • Published on August 14, 2012

[O]ur 17th and 18th fellow participants have arrived for the Green Screen Lab 2012. Bhubaneswar is a beautiful and an exciting place, especially on the KIIT University Campus, with the rain contributing to its scenic beauty. The 18 upcoming film writers/directors from different places around the country & abroad, and mentors with their hopes and experiences are providing the lacking excitement. I am optimistic that a couple of films will be made at the end of the workshop and very soon children from India and around the world will be able to see some good children films.

We are now divided in three groups guided by three mentors namely, Sanjay Chouhan, Arend Agthe & Onir. We got feedback from our assigned mentors and fellow participants after an in-depth narration of our stories in front them. Now, it is time to develop our story line according to their suggestions. Mentors are ready to take one on one session for our individual development. It will be really helpful for us.

Today, I read aloud my script The Puppet Theatre, in front of my mentor, Sanjay Chouhan, and the other participants in my group. Actually, I completed my first script draft earlier, so I have the advantage to get into details with mentors here in the lab.  My heart was beating rapidly as I read, as it was the first time that I have ever read my full script in front of someone like Sanjoy Chouhan, a man whose work I admire. When I met him the first day of the lab I thought he was one of the participants, then I found out that he is actually the man who has created some really outstanding work.

I was surprised when I got all positive feedback on my script from my mentor and fellow group members. I thank them for listening carefully and giving me some great suggestions. I was eagerly looking forward to positive or negative feedback and I got very positive feedback.

I gave my script copy to Susan Benn, Arend Agthe and Onir.  I am, of course, crossing my finger’s that I get honest, valuable feedback from them too.

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