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Green Screen Lab: Diary 11

By Sunny Hinduja • Published on August 21, 2012

[T]his is a very unique kind of an experience here at the Green Screen Lab. The people here are really humble, the mentors as well as the fellow participants. Being an FTII alumni acting workshop has not been alien to me, but the idea that an actor can also contribute to the script is fantastic. I appreciate Nila Madhav for his honest and genuine attempt towards creating a wonderful platform for developing wonderful films. The lab is well supported by Anuj and Ritika too.

I can’t imagine this workshop without our mentor and a brilliant personality Tannishtha Chatterjee. I must really credit her for making this journey so easy and help us grow as actors. She is a powerhouse of imaginations and spontaneity.  Also, she being an actor herself understood our dynamics and could really think through our point of view. She has efficiently led us to the right directions.

Before I attended this lab I had been so rigid on taking time for preparing for one character, but as I worked in the workshop I was zapped as we had to play a different character every half an hour. The best part is none of these characters were of my age, they were either in the age group of 3 – 12 years or 40 – 70 years, and to make it worse sometimes it was not even a human character but only animals. Playing animals and kids have helped us explore our other side, it’s been quite a revelation. I have been nervous as well but the presence of my close friends and batch mates like Varun and Tirrtha just made things easier and smoother.

First of all the writers here are so sweet and cordial it’s fun just interacting with them. I can feel the genuineness in their heart. I must also appreciate the fact that they have been so cooperative and open, as they are ready to dissect their baby(script), that have been with them for such a long time, guess it takes a lot of courage. I think it’s this courage which has become our driving force to work towards their script and come up with various ideas through Tannishtha.

The leisure part cannot be forgotten. Mr Madhav had designed the workshop in such a way that there is a perfect balance between work and leisure (read party). I think it was a great way to rejuvenate oneself. We had a great trip to Konark. It’s a wonderful way to connect with each other and it really worked for me.

Also I cannot forget the trip to KISS on 15th August. I was touched by the performances of the students. Moreover we took a tour of the fabulous campus. I was stunned to see such a diverse talent in kids from a tribal village, it was overwhelming.

This lab has definitely made me greener in my thinking and richer in the number of friends I have.

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