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Govt. to spend 2 Cr. to fight piracy

By NewsDesk • Published on November 28, 2012

Piracy in IndiaA Scheme for implementing anti piracy initiative in the audio-visual sector has been approved by the government under the 12th Five Year Plan. Rs 2 crores have been allotted for the scheme by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for the Plan period 2012-2017.

According to a FICCI-KPMG report of 2011, piracy market in India accounts for 600-700 million unit sales of DVDs each year with more than 10000 vendors operating in illegitimate DVD market. Prices of these DVDs are on the decline due to the increasing competition in the piracy market.

Another growing concern is that of illegal download of films available on websites.

It is believed that the money from piracy goes towards funding anti national activities. The government has decided to intervene to spread awareness campaign against piracy in collaboration with stakeholders like business chambers, schools, colleges, etc.

Some of the activities under the Scheme would be:

(a) Campaign against piracy through audio-visual, internet and print media

(b) A dedicated web portal

(c) Training programmes and workshops to sensitize police, judicial, administrative officials, multiplex and cinema hall owners about the Copyright Act.

(d) Conduct research on effects of piracy and develop public-private strategies to combat piracy

(e) Production of a film/documentary.

(f) Efforts at inclusion of anti-piracy awareness material in the curriculum of the schools and colleges

(g) Road shows/Street Plays for creating awareness

(h) Programme in Schools & Colleges: Debate/Essay competition

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