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Crystal Bear to Hana Makhmalbaf at Berlin 2008

By NewsDesk • Published on February 17, 2008

Berlin 2008 Hana Makhmalbaf’s Buda Az Sharm Foru Rikht (Buddha collapsed out of Shame) has won The Crystal Bear-at Berlin International Film Festival. The ten day long festival is closing today.

According to the official release of the festival “This film is exciting and provocative and at the same time it is very shocking. It is about a little girl who is struggling to be allowed to go to school. We were moved by the poignant way the film depicts how a country dominated by violence affects the everyday life of children. The film showed us the senselessness of just sending soldiers to a troubled region. More necessary are people who can convince children that violence is not the solution.”

The Crystal Bear for the Best Short Film went to Nana by Warwick Thornton (Australia)

“A little girl is talking about her special relationship with her dear old nana. She is always cooking for her granddaughter and looking after the old people in the village. But there’s another side to her as well. The film is funny and full of humour.”

The Special Mention for a Feature Film goes to Titanics ti liv by Grethe BÆ’¸e (Norway)

“Great actors combined with an excitement and mystery were the ingredients which convinced us in this film. The story was also accompanied by wonderful music.”

The Special Mention for a Short Film goes to New Boy by Steph Green (Ireland)

“The plot is easy to follow even though there is not much dialogue. The portrayal of the characters’ feelings touched us and swept us along and the reminder of Joseph’s earlier homeland gave us a realistic insight into his former life as well as his feelings. In the end we learned that having prejudices just isn’t worth it.”

Note: The Crystal Bears, the main prizes in the Generation section of the festival are awarded by a Children’s Jury and a Youth Jury.

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