Tips for DSLR filmmakers

By Editorial Team • Published on August 11, 2012

Shooting with a digital SLR camera is a great way to make a film on a budget and to get a feel for the creative eye that is needed in this industry. Here are some things you should know, before embarking on such a project.

When shooting with a DSLR, you will still want to get that trademark ‘film’ look that is characteristic of big-budget productions. The good news is that this is now possible to achieve with a DSLR.  Even those who are not professional filmmakers, having spent more time concentrating on other hobbies like playing on partycasino.com or darts, can now get involved. The latest DLSR releases have high definition video recording that captures movement at 24 frames a second. This is the rate that is found in film cameras, which means that the subtle motion blur common to these is also possible with a DSLR. After shooting, you can play around with the colours and this, combined with the shallow depth of field, will ensure the finished product looks very professional.

One massive plus of this type of camera is that they are relatively cheap to buy. With the advances in technology, even low-end DSLR’s are becoming more sophisticated and better capable of capturing professional-looking independent movies. Even those at the higher end of the market will not be as expensive as buying a camcorder and a depth of field adapter, so it is well worth investigating the benefits of this type of equipment.

DSLR cameras are also small enough to be easily portable. This makes a huge difference from the large camcorders with bulky lens adapters and huge tripods, that would require vehicles for transportation. With a DSLR, all you need is a travel tripod and you’re off. It can fit securely in a backpack and you can simply carry it around with you, capturing parts of your independent movie as you go.

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