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DearCinema.com is the oldest and most influential Indian website on Indian independent films. Started in 2007, DearCinema.com is a daily digital publication which reaches more than 600,000 unique readers every year.

DearCinema Team also organizes ‘IndieTalk‘, the most sought after event for independent filmmakers in Mumbai. ‘IndieTalk’ bridges the gap between aspiring filmmakers and those who have proved their mettle.

We also bring out ‘DearCinema Festival Guide‘, a compendium of Indian and international film festivals where Indian filmmakers can submit their films. The guide is available online, in print as well as in e-book format.

DearCinema Indie Filmmaker’s Handbook is a comprehensive guide of funds, markets, labs and all other platforms that indie filmmakers can benefit from.

Editorial Team

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Film Critic


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Amitava Nag

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